Duphlux is a powerful light-weight mobile number authentication service.

Duphlux is designed to overcome the challenges of existing traditional number authentication solutions. Our clean simple API is built with the developer in mind making seamless integrations with your existing web and mobile apps.

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Some Use Cases

The power of Duphlux can be applied in a variety of ways.

One-Time Password (OTP)

Other than using traditional sms to deliver 6-digit tokens, users can give our numbers a missed call.

Mobile Number Verification

Verify your users' mobile numbers in real-time.

2-Factor Authentication

Add an extra level of security to your app. Let your users give a missed call to gain access to privileged areas of your app.

Lead Generation

Grow your sales by collecting potential leads simply by giving them a number to flash

Content Polling

Send rich content to customers when they give a missed call to your number

And A lot More...

Duphlux can be used in a lot more awesome ways. We would love to have you build great products over our API

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Case Studies

Duphlux makes it possible for Laundrybag to verify its customers

Laundrybag uses Duphlux to verify its users' mobile phone numbers on registration.

By taking advantage of our flexible affordable plans, Laundrybag is able to cut down costs on excess failed OTP sms messages by only paying for successful authentications via Duphlux.

SaanaPay uses Duphlux to authenticate its payment transactions

SaanaPay ensures secure and authentic transactions via its 2-Factor authentication process using Duphlux as a service.

SaanaPay saves up to 75% on its authentication process while ensuring a 99% success rate on each transaction.

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