Duphlux API Overview

Duphlux is a mobile number verification/authentication system built over the power of missed calls. Our APIs are super-fast and light-weight; designed for developers by developers. Find below, detailed information on how to use our API service.

For more details, you can send us an email at devops@duphlux.com


To successfully communicate with our API endpoints, you'd have to authenticate your requests. Authentication is achieved by simply supplying your access token in the headers of all your requests.

Field:  token
Data type:  String
Description:  This is the access token generated when you create an APP from your dashboard.
                    token: b1a124fc430d400347e069e2179be638bbac6903
                    Content-Type: application/json
                    Cache-Control: no-cache

Number Authentication

Now that you have authenticated your requests, you can access the endpoints successfully:


To authenticate a user's mobile number from your platform, simply send us a sample JSON object as shown below.

API Endpoint:  [POST]  https://duphlux.com/webservice/authe/verify.json

phone_number : mobile number to authenticate. should include country code (+234)
transaction_reference : your unique reference to identify each authentication request
timeout : duration in seconds before request expires (optional. default value is 900 secs)
redirect_url : a url to redirect to on successful verification
name : name of person whose phone number is to be authenticated (optional)
email_address : email address of person whose phone number is to be authenticated (optional)
                    "name": "[NAME-OF-USER]",

Duphlux responds with either a success or failed result json object. When successful, the developer has 2 options to proceed:

  1. Redirect the user to the returned verification url. Once user has given the number a missed call, Duphlux will redirect back to the redirect_url provided, passing your unique transaction reference as an HTTP GET parameter "reference"
  2. Handle the process by displaying the necessary parameters: number, expires_at to the user however the choose. Note that when this option is taken, the developer must keep track of when the user gives the number a missed call in order to query the status endpoint for confirmation.

Successful response
                    "PayLoad": {
                      "status": true,
                      "data": {
                        "number": "+15097745654",
                        "expires_at": 1495474739,
                        "transaction_reference": "[UNIQUE-TRANSACTION-REFERENCE]",
                        "verification_reference": "1c00888d864aac208cf813c3889111c23b8c6f36",
                        "verification_url": "https://duphlux.com/verify/1c00888d864aac208cf813c3889111c23b8c6f36"


The status endpoint should be called to get the status of your previous authentication request. We recommend this be done once redirected back to the redirect_url provided above.

API Endpoint:  [POST]  https://duphlux.com/webservice/authe/status.json

transaction_reference : the unique reference provided in the previous authentication request

Duphlux responds with a standard json object. When verification is successful, the "verification_status" field will have a value "verified" of string type. Else it could have "failed" due to a timeout expiration or "pending"; still awaiting user's missed call.

Note  Duphlux will post all successful authentication calls to the configured web-hook set in your authentication app.

                    "PayLoad": {
                      "status": true,
                      "data": {
                        "verification_status": "verified", // or failed / pending,
                        "phone_number": "+234803000000",
                        "verification_reference": "1c00888d864aac208cf813c3889111c23b8c6f36",
                        "verified_on": null


All Duphlux errors are of a simple standard json error object. A sample json error is shown below:-

Error response
                    "PayLoad": {
                      "status": false,
                      "errors": [
                        "App does not have an active subscription"

Simulations Overview

To carry out tests on the Duphlux API, you will need to simulate calls using our Test APP credentials and the Call Simulator.

The steps below show how to simulate/test your integration.
  1. Replace the token in your request headers with the Test App Access Token below
  2. Make a [POST]  https://duphlux.com/webservice/authe/verify.json call as shown above
  3. Redirect your user to the returned "verification_url"
  4. Simulate a call via the Simulator supplying the number to verify and the Duphlux number to be called.
  5. On successful call simulation, the user will be redirected back to your provided redirect url
  6. On redirection, you should make a [POST]  https://duphlux.com/webservice/authe/status.json call to confirm status.

Once you are satisfied with your integration tests above, replace the test app access token with your Live Authentication App access token found on your dashboard. Your App is now ready to accept LIVE authentication requests from your users.

Test App

Access Token:  34792cda48f4f90736d3faed467503568b347ee0
Subscription Expires:  + 1 year
Description:  This is a test app provisioned for testing integrations on our APIs.

Call Simulator

Number To Call This is the Duphlux number to be called.
Number To Authenticate Your user's phone number to be authenticated.

Duphlux Libraries & SDKs

To make integration seamless, we've developed simple to use libraries and sdks for developers

  1. Android SDK - https://github.com/Duphlux/duphlux-android-sdk
  2. PHP Library - https://github.com/Duphlux/duphlux-php-lib
  3. Ionic Framework SDK - https://github.com/Duphlux/duphlux-ionic-sdk
  4. NodeJS SDK - https://github.com/Duphlux/duphlux-node-sdk
  5. Javascript Library - https://github.com/Duphlux/duphlux-javascript-lib
  6. IOS Coming soon

You can find all our SDKs under the Official Duphlux Github account here: https://github.com/Duphlux